Packaged Rooftop Multizone shall be Spinnaker Industries Inc. Model Series SRMZ . Units are factory assembled, wired and tested prior to shipment.

The SRMZ system is a complete Heat / Cool single package assembly with solid state controls factory installed, and wired. All models are available with a choice of options including; gas, electric, hot water, or steam heat and chilled water cooling or self contained modulating DX cooling with a complete refrigerant R410A charge.

Units are available as heating only models or split system design. Air distribution is through a multiple zone damper head with solid state damper actuators or double duct with independent mixing dampers at each zone.

A heavy gauge steel Cliplock knockdown roof curb is available for new installations with down flow applications, a plenum curb is also available for those projects requiring horizontal supply / return configurations. A fully assembled and insulated roof curb adapter is available for installations on existing buildings if required.

The Solid State Electronic DDC onboard Control System provides unlimited flexibility in application and system design and un surpassed control of temperature and humidity.

SRMZ systems make it possible to specify an entire rooftop multizone packaged system from one manufacturing source. or new or retrofit exiting applications. The  DX cooling system consists of independent refrigeration circuits utilizing fixed scroll compressors with modulating hot gas by pass  technology affording the maximum in energy efficiency thru the cooling range. Independent condenser fans utilize TEFC high efficiency motors and are driven by Danfoss variable frequency drives.

Self Contained Single Package Units  ( 17.5 to 43 Ton Cooling Capacities )  Larger sizes are available

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