Spinnaker’s RERV series, rotary energy recovery ventilators, range in standard sizes from 250 to 20,000 cfm and even larger custom sizes.

Units feature

  • An ARI certified, 4 angstrom molecular sieve desiccant wheel , with flutted design and an adjustable purge sector
  • DWDI centrifugal blowers
  • TEFC motors
  • Hinged , gasketed access doors with stainless steel latches
  • 30% efficient pleated filters for both supply and return air streams
  • Internal foil faced insulation
  • Double skinned insulated floor
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Separated electrical compartment
  • Single point power connection.

Optional dampers, hoods, frost control strategies, variable frequency drives, and DDC controls are also available.

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