Storing valuable art work and paintings is a challenge for galleries ,museums and art collectors. Spinnakers art rack system offers pull out panels offering ease of storage and is an attractive assembly that can be mounted in any environment and is a practical solution .Spinnaker has been offering storage solutions since 1983 and developed this system to specifically address the best use of floor space while offering ease of access to stored paintings or art works .

The system consists of double-sided wire grid pattern panels that can accommodate pieces of varying sizes and weights, allowing the maximum use of storage capacity without paintings touching each other. The sliding pull out panels also provides access to all items at all times. The pull out panels slide in fixed tracks which have been designed to provide a smooth vibration free motion offering maximum protection to your paintings or works of art.. Multiple panels can be pulled out at once, making our system more practical than systems offering access to one panel at a time.

Safe , sturdy and attractive , this system is a cost effective , practical solution allowing maximum use of floor space for the storage of paintings and works of art.

Let us build one for you !!