In buildings with high ceilings, such as a warehouses, storage facilities or manufacturing plants, warm air rises and gets trapped at the ceiling. The temperature at the ceiling may be upwards of 25 degrees hotter than at the floor; this trapped heat is unusable, resulting in excessive heating costs.

This is known as air stratification.

In spaces that require cooling. Cooler air settles at floor level while the higher levels remain too hot. When the temperature is this condition is not uniform from floor to ceiling, condensation can form causing moisture damage.

Spinnaker’s Air Rotation Systems greatly reduce the air stratification problem by continuously circulating air in the space. The coldest air is drawn into the unit at floor level and is then heated or cooled, and is distributed at high level through or drum louver discharge head to create a more uniform temperature and more cost-efficient conditioned space. And greatly reduces the possibility of condensation forming on the structure or items within the space.

The Air Turnover principle eliminates air stratification in large open space buildings. It does this by recirculation the hot air which becomes trapped at the higher levels. The uniform room temperature improves comfort, conserves energy, eliminates thermal barriers, and eliminates the possibility of condensation forming on stored materials.